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Susan Hess, MA, LPC

Insight, Integration, Support

Licensed Professional Counselor


Have the challenging life events of trauma, loss, illness, or grief led to a sense of joylessness? Let's delve into a deeper understanding of your values to uncover insight, clarity and inspiration, paving the way for a purposeful and meaningful life journey.


Do previous life experiences, current concerns, and future worries contribute to persistent stress and anxiety in your daily life? Let's carefully examine each element and discover ways to integrate your unique experiences into a unified and harmonious whole.


Do individuals close to you struggle to comprehend your fears? Or perhaps you lack that one person who truly understands? Engaging in individual counseling offers a space where you can share your story and discover strategies to shape new outcomes.

Greetings and Welcome

Susan Hess, MA, LPC

Hello! I'm Susan, a Colorado native living here in Evergreen. With twenty-five years experience working with cancer patients as a professional counselor, meditation mentor, and music psychotherapist, I am ready to support you through the challenges of your life journey.

I help individuals integrate important life events and transitions, find renewed inspiration for daily living, nurture mindfulness, and promote emotional and spiritual growth for a purposeful life. I would love to meet you and learn your story.

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anaïs Nin

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Fresh perspective

Some phases of our lives call for a fresh perspective on our experiences and the impact they've had on us. Throughout history, meditation, counseling, and the arts have served as tools to guide us beyond the daily "noise" and toward a profound comprehension of life's purpose and direction. I encourage you to arrange a session where we can make a plan that aids you in determining the optimal path forward, provides assistance during life transitions, illness or trauma, and offers direction and companionship in the healing process from loss and grief.

Susan Hess Counseling

Shall we work together?

  • I am currently licensed to counsel individuals living in Colorado only.

  • I work out of my home office through phone or remote video sessions on a secure online platform.

  • My practice is BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ compassionate and friendly.

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Video Counseling

I am currently offering all sessions remotely from my home office through a secure online video platform.

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Phone Counseling

If you are more comfortable meeting by phone we can connect via my secure business phone line.

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Email & Text Support

We can make arrangements for you to have email and/or text support between sessions as needed.

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