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Integration Therapy


If you have had a unique experience with a non-ordinary state of consciousness, i.e. with a psychedelic or mystical spiritual experience, let's integrate understanding of the event.


Integration therapy involves providing a safe space for you to process a unique experience of consciousness. Let's see how your profound experience can inform daily life.


If you feel you have no one to discuss this experience with due to it's unusual nature, I am here to support you in a non-judgmental way as a guide to deeper understanding.

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In my role as a transpersonal counselor, I have facilitated many individuals in their spiritual exploration through mindfulness meditation and music psychotherapy. I have completed certification training as a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist (CIIS, June 2024) and understand the challenges an intense psychedelic or spiritual experience can initiate. My training in the Bonny Method of Music & Imagery is uniquely suited to this work. Helen Bonny was a music therapist who, working directly with Stan Grof, designed music programs for his psychedelic drug research sessions. The Bonny therapeutic music method creates a unique musical space for inner exploration that can foster deep personal growth and spiritual insight. Try a music-assisted psychotherapy session with me to experience the power of music and the arts for healing, restoration and integration.






    Values, Purpose, and Meaning
    Acceptance and Commitment
    and Spiritual
    Music and Expressive Arts

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I am currently offering all sessions remotely from my home office through a secure online video platform.

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