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Life Transitions


If your world has turned upside down with a major life transition, let's explore where you are in the process and ways you can navigate the new territory and processes of change.


Whether a life transition is expected or unexpected, it can initiate a period of intense personal growth. Let's take a deeper look at the unique challenges you are facing.


Living your values is one way to cope with a period of life transition. Let's clarify your life values, purpose and meaning and bring them into this time of transition and change.

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A major life transition can be initiated when a significant personal change takes place...i.e. children leaving home for college, becoming a caregiver for an aging parent or for a spouse with cancer, moving to a new city or country, leaving a corporate job for self-employment...for a host of reasons. While adapting to a new role and life situation may go smoothly (with a few bumps), frequently these changes can surface old wounds, traumas, self-doubts or concerns from the past that you thought were resolved. If you are wondering "what is wrong with me" while struggling to adapt to a new life situation, let's connect to explore ways you can move forward from the past toward personal growth.






    Values, Purpose, and Meaning
    Acceptance and Commitment
    and Spiritual
    Music and Expressive Arts

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I am currently offering all sessions remotely from my home office through a secure online video platform.

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