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Music Psychotherapy


A music session begins by clarifying what is the most important challenge in your life right now and setting an intention to discover ways to understand it from a new perspective.


During the session, a specific program of recorded music will be played while we engage in dialogue during a focused listening experience.


After the music listening experience we will spend time in journaling and/or expressive arts, followed by discussion and integration of the meaningful moments and insights.

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Try a music-assisted psychotherapy session with me to experience the power of music and the arts for healing, renewal and integration. I have a masters degree in music therapy with advanced training in the Bonny Method of Music & Imagery (Fellow). The Bonny therapeutic music method creates a unique musical space for inner exploration that can foster deep personal growth and spiritual insight. The process takes about two hours and is divided into three parts. First we will discuss your current issues, focus in on one and clarify an intention. Next, we will move into the music experience which involves you laying down (at your location) with headphones, an eyeshade and a blanket, while I play a specific playlist of therapeutic music that lasts 30-45 minutes. During the music we will dialogue so I can capture the meaningful moments of your music experience. Finally, when the music is finished we will take time for journaling and/or mandala drawing followed by discussion of the insights and understandings gained in the music experience. It is a unique and powerful way to approach therapy non-verbally that allows new perspectives to emerge.






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I am currently offering all sessions remotely from my home office through a secure online video platform.

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If you are more comfortable meeting by phone we can connect via my secure business phone line.

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We can make arrangements for you to have email and/or text support between sessions as needed.

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