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Cancer Counseling


A cancer diagnosis can initiate a profound traumatic response. Let's explore the impact of cancer on our life and how it is holding you back from fully living each day.


Cancer and treatment can affect nearly every area of one's life, including relationships, emotions, family, self-image, and many others. Let's clarify your biggest challenges.


Finding meaning in the cancer experience is one way to address the deep emotions and suffering that may accompany the experience. Let's uncover your meaning.

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I have been working with individuals managing ovarian and gynecologic cancers - along with their caregivers, spouses and families - for the past twenty-five years. As the facilitator of hundreds cancer support groups, I am very aware of the challenges and hazards that accompany a cancer diagnosis. I can provide a safe place for you to explore your fears and uncertainties of the diagnosis, especially those you may not be able to share with others. We can look at resources, create a plan for coping, process deep emotions, address challenges of self-image, and look at a path forward that focuses on life values, purpose and meaning. Whether you want to plan for long-term survivorship or take a direct look at end of life options, we can do it together.






    Values, Purpose, and Meaning
    Acceptance and Commitment
    and Spiritual
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    Expressive Arts

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I am currently offering all sessions remotely from my home office through a secure online video platform.

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If you are more comfortable meeting by phone we can connect via my secure business phone line.

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We can make arrangements for you to have email and/or text support between sessions as needed.

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